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The Twilight Zone Vortex is a work in appreciation of Rod Serling's classic television series, The Twilight Zone. At the heart of the Vortex is an ongoing episode guide in exploration of The Twilight Zone and of prior and subsequent works from the show's principle creators, namely writers Rod Serling, Charles Beaumont, Richard Matheson, and George Clayton Johnson. Also included are bits of history, trivia, connections to other media, and guideposts to further research material. Use the labels on the sidebar to jump to your favorite episode or subject, or use the archive links to start from the beginning. We encourage comments so please discuss your favorite episodes or post a question and we'll be happy to reply. We greatly enjoy hearing from fans and creators whose work explores the series. If you write a blog or host a podcast about The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, Rod Serling, or any of the writers associated with the series, and would like us to list you on the links in the Vortex, please contact us. 

The Vortex began as a way for two friends and dedicated fans of the series to re-watch every episode of The Twilight Zone and discuss each in a critical and creative way. The approach is one of deep research and lively discussion, attempting to connect the symbols and motifs found in the episodes, to provide a comprehensive episode guide using original research along with the vast body of critical work available, as well as to discern the connections between the series and a diverse body of books, comics, magazines, television shows, and films by a large number of creators directly and indirectly related to the show. Our primary interests are works of short fiction in the science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and horror genres, particularly those ranging from the classic supernatural writers of the 1890's to the post pulp generation of the 1950's and 1960's, as well as the genre anthology format across books, film, television, and radio. 

-Jordan Prejean & Brian Durant

A Note on Fair Use:
Use of images or textual extracts are for research and archival purposes alone. Textual material unique to The Twilight Zone Vortex may be used with credit. 

A Note on Source Material: 
We are grateful for the many writers that have approached the material in an effort to illuminate the many facets of the series for the viewer. Any source material we consult will be acknowledged within the text with which it pertains. We make every effort to attribute information and quotes to the proper source and apologize for any error. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the main page to inform us of any error in attribution and it will be verified and corrected. 

Two works deserve special mention here. 

               The first is Marc Scott Zicree's The Twilight Zone Companion (Bantam Books, 1982; revised 2nd edition, 1989). Although there had been guides to the original series compiled before Zicree (most notably in Gary Gerani's and Paul H. Schulman's Fantastic Television (Harmony Books, 1977), The Twilight Zone Companion set a new standard not only for examinations of the series but for examinations of classic television as a whole.
                 Zicree began researching his book in the late 1970's by interviewing dozens of creators who worked on the series, beginning with series writer George Clayton Johnson, who met Zicree at a science fiction convention and encouraged the young writer on the path to the Companion. Zicree's most ardent supporters became the Serling family themselves. Carol Serling, the widow of Rod Serling, allowed Zicree unprecedented access to Serling's personal papers and possessions just two years after the great writer's death, which gives Zicree's book a level of personal detail unattainable by other writers who have attempted to take on the show. Zicree provided a basic episode guide to the original series for Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine, which began publication in 1981, as well as the occasional essay examining the thematic trends of the series. After being rejected by more than two dozen publishers, Zicree found a home for The Twilight Zone Companion at Bantam Books in 1982. It is notable that Zicree's book was published at Bantam, a publisher which enjoyed a long relationship to both The Twilight Zone and Rod Serling. Bantam published Serling's three volumes of Twilight Zone short story adaptations (1960-1962) as well as those he created later for Night Gallery. Bantam also published anthologies such as Rod Serling's Triple W: Witches, Warlocks and Werewolves (1963), Rod Serling's Devil and Demons (1967), and Rod Serling's Other Worlds (1978), as well as material related to the first Twilight Zone revival series, such as J. Michael Straczynski's 1989 adaptations of his Zone scripts, Tales from the New Twilight Zone. 
                Zicree updated his book for the 30th anniversary of The Twilight Zone with a second edition published in 1989. The book remains in print through Silman-James Press and has been an influential bestseller since its publication. Zicree's book remains the most useful, readable, and essential guide to the series. All the more amazing since Zicree compiled both editions of his book in the pre-internet, pre-home video age. Equally important is the industry of television companion guides which arrived in the wake of Zicree's book, including the equally compelling The Outer Limits: The Official Companion by David J. Schow and Jeffrey Frentzen (Ace Books, 1986; revised as: The Outer Limits Companion by Schow; GNP/Crescendo, 1998), another work with began life in the pages of Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine, and other volumes such as John McCarty's and Brian Kelleher's Alfred Hitchcock Presents: An Illustrated Guide to the Ten Year Television Career of the Master of Suspense (St. Martin's, 1985) and Mark Dawidziak's The Night Stalker Companion (Pomegranate, 1997). 
                In recent years, Zicree has acted as a producer on the many home video releases of The Twilight Zone. He wrote new and more detailed notes on each episode for the show's first release on DVD with five collections released by Image Entertainment. Zicree also provided archival interviews and new commentaries for both the Definitive Edition release on DVD and the Blu Ray release of the series. Zicree's YouTube Channel, Mr. Sci-Fi, features videos of the author speaking about a number of science fiction and film subjects, with frequent forays into the fifth dimenson.  Buy The Twilight Zone Companion. Zicree is also a highly successful television and film writer, director, producer, and mentor, as well as the author of novels and short stories. Visit Marc's homepage. 

The second volume is the more recent The Twilight Zone: Unlocking the Door to a Television Classic by prolific popular culture historian Martin Grams, Jr., published by OTR Press in 2008. Grams is best known as a historian of old time radio, having compiled volumes on Inner Sanctum Mysteries, CBS Radio Mystery Theater, The Shadow, and others. Grams has also moved into the exploration of television with guides to The Time Tunnel and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Grams's massive volume on The Twilight Zone is, in many ways, a response to and refutation of Zicree's earlier volume, which is noticeably absent from the works consulted for Grams's book. It is a heavily researched volume based almost entirely upon correspondence from the CBS archives, purchased or viewed from the private collections of fans of the series or of classic television. Grams also conducted interviews with many people connected to the series and consulted the works of series scholar Matthew Bradley and several interviews conducted by the king of genre interviewers, Tom Weaver, most of these taken from the genre magazine Starlog. Grams did have several advantages in compiling his work, most noticeably the use of the internet, vast stores of genre magazines which were not yet published when Zicree tackled the project, and access to episode promos, something which prevented Zicree from including Rod Serling's preview narrations in his book. Grams examines a wider range of materials related to the show, with particular attention paid to the show's debt to and connection with old time radio. Despite not achieving the same level of readability, Grams's book is an essential volume for dedicated fans of the series. Buy The Twilight Zone: Unlocking the Door to a Television Classic. Visit the homepage of Martin Grams, Jr.

In point of fact, the two books probably work best when taken together, as Zicree was far more interested in the personal stories of producing and creating the series (he pays particular attention to the writers of the series) whereas Grams's work reveals a more detailed production history with little of the personal nature of the previous volume.

We have discovered, however, that the show lends itself to a much broader exploration than those afforded a print book, and that even the most ardent researchers have overlooked interesting facts regarding the series, such as the fact that Charles Beaumont's second season episode, "Shadow Play," is clearly based on the author's previously published 1956 short story, "Traumerei," despite lacking a credit for such. Or that Earl Hamner, Jr.'s debut episode from the third season, "The Hunt," is a revision of a script titled "The Hound of Heaven" which Hamner wrote for a live television anthology a decade earlier. Or that George Clayton Johnson's exceptional third season episode, "Nothing in the Dark," is a re-imagining of Ray Bradbury's 1960 short story, "Death and the Maiden." Finding interesting trivia such as the aforementioned examples are part of what compelled us to begin this re-examination of the series from beginning to end, and one which will likely lead us on to Rod Serling's Night Gallery and the two Twilight Zone revival series. 

A Note on Format:
Episodes will be reviewed in the order of original air date.  Each episode listing will include title, original air date, episode number, cast and crew listings, Rod Serling's opening, closing, and preview narrations, an episode summary, a critical review, and notes on cross-referencing and other interesting trivia. Each episode will have one or more label(s) for access from the sidebar. Principle series creators are also given labels on their respective episodes.
A Note on Grading:
Each episode is graded for overall quality in terms of A+, A, B, C, D, and F.  Though it is impossible to grade the episodes in a completely unbiased manner, please note that each episode will be graded on as objective a basis as possible, meaning that because an episode is traditionally popular with fans of the show (i.e. "Time Enough At Last" or "A Stop at Willoughby") does not guarantee a high grade for that episode. Fans of the show will notice that our preferences are unconventional in places but we hope to provide a solid argument for recognizing some underrated episodes as well as exposing the flaws of some of the more perennially popular episodes. We want to lead new fans of the show to important episodes they may have skipped over as well as provide constant viewers with a fresh look at some of our favorite episodes. That said, here is how the grading breaks down:

A+ - The best the show has to offer. These episodes display the highest quality of production, from originality of concept to technical execution. If we could recommend only a handful of episodes to represent The Twilight Zone, it would be the episodes bearing this grade. See label: "Top Rated Episodes."

A- High creative points for the show. These episodes represent all-around quality, possess a depth and complexity that warrants repeat viewings, and are important aspects of the show's cultural identity. See label: "Top Rated Episodes."

B- Very good episodes, well written and performed and can be watched multiple times with great enjoyment. They may only lack strength in one quality (writing, acting, directing, originality of concept, etc.) that prevents the episode from making a higher grade.

C- The average episodes, nothing great about them and nothing terrible, either.

D- The bad episodes. These episodes are very weak in one or more aspect(s) of conception and/or production. Many times a single poor quality (writing, acting, concept, etc.) is so profoundly poor that it will bring the entire episode down. These episodes rarely warrant a repeat viewing for any but very dedicated fans.

F- The worst episodes. These episodes have no redeeming qualities and nothing to recommend them to a viewer. Laughable in most places and painful to watch, these episodes are not recommended.

--Can't decide what type of episode you're in the mood for? Check out our genre guide to The Twilight Zone. 
Complete List of Twilight Zone Episodes:
The following is a complete list of The Twilight Zone episodes from all three incarnations of the show (original series, first revival, and second revival). All episodes are listed in alphabetical order for easy reference.

+ = First revival (1985-1989)
* = Second revival (2002-2003)
^ = Other
Note: Original series episodes are not marked with a symbol.
Key: "Episode Title" (Season #; Episode #) Original air date


"Act Break"+ (1;8a) 15 November 1985
"Acts of Terror"+ (3;46) 3 December 1988
"After Hours, The" (1;34) 10 June 1960
"After Hours, The"+ (2;28a) 18 October 1986
"And When the Sky Was Opened" (1;11) 11 December 1959
"Another Life"* (1;27) 18 December 2002
"Appointment On Route 17"+ (3;50) 31 December 1988
"Aqua Vita"+ (2;26b) 4 October 1986
"The Arrival" (3;67) 22 September 1961
"Azoth the Avenger is a Friend of Mine"* (1;10) 16 October 2002
"Back There" (2;49) 13 January 1961
"Bard, The" (4;120) 23 May 1963
"Beacon, The"+ (1;11a) 6 December 1985
"Bewitchin' Pool, The" (5;156) 19 June 1964
"Big Tall Wish, The" (1;27) 8 April 1960
"Black Leather Jackets" (5;138) 31 January 1964
"Brain Center at Whipples, The" (5;153) 15 May 1964
"Burned"* (1;44) 1 April 2003
"Burning Man, The"+ (1;8b) 15 November 1985
"But Can She Type?"+ (1;13b) 20 December 1985
"Button, Button"+ (1;20b) 7 March 1986
"Caesar and Me" (5;148) 10 April 1964
"Call, The"+ (3;44) 19 November 1988
"Card, The"+ (2;32a) 21 February 1987
"Cat and Mouse"+ (3;59) 4 March 1989
"Cavender is Coming" (3;101) 25 May 1962
"Chameleon"+ (1;2c) 4 October 1985
"Changing of the Guard, The" (3;102) 1 June 1962
"Chaser, The" (1;31) 13 May 1960
"Chosen"* (1;16) 6 November 2002
"Children's Zoo"+ (1;3b) 11 October 1985
"Cold Equations, The"+ (3;51) 7 January 1989
"Cold Fusion"* (1;36) 4 March 2003
"Cold Reading"+ (1;18c) 14 February 1986
"Collection, The"* (1;38) 11 March 2003
"Come Wander With Me" (5;154) 22 May 1964
"Convict's Piano, The"+ (2;30) 11 December 1986
"Cradle of Darkness"* (1;5) 2 October 2002
"Crazy as a Soup Sandwich"+ (3;63) 1 April 1989
"Crossing, The"+ (3;38) 8 October 1988
"Curious Case of Edgar Witherspoon, The"+ (3;36) 24 September 1988
"Day in Beaumont, A"+ (1;24a) 11 April 1986
"Dead Man's Eyes"* (1;8) 9 October 2002
"Dead Man's Shoes" (3;83) 19 January 1962
"Dead Run"+ (1;19b) 21 February 1986
"Dead Woman's Shoes"+ (1;9a) 22 November 1985
"Dealer's Choice"+ (1;8c) 15 November 1985
"Deaths-Head Revisited" (3;74) 10 November 1961
"Death Ship" (4;108) 7 February 1963
"Developing"* (1;40) 18 March 2003
"Devil's Alphabet"+ (1;22b) 28 March 1986
"Dream Lover"* (1;4) 25 September 2002
"Dream Me a Life"+ (3;40) 22 October 1988
"Dreams for Sale"+ (1;2b) 4 October 1985
"Dummy, The" (3;98) 4 May 1962
"Dust" (2;48) 6 January 1961
"Elegy" (1;20) 19 Feb 1960
"Elevator, The"+ (1;16a) 31 January 1986
"Encounter, The" (5;151) 1 May 1964
"Escape Clause" (1;6) 6 November 1959
"Evergreen"* (1;1) 18 September 2002
"Examination Day"+ (1;6a) 1 November 1985
"Execution" (1;26) 1 April 1960
"Executions of Grady Finch, The"* (1;41) 7 May 2003
"Extra Innings"+ (3;37) 1 October 1988
"Eye of the Beholder" ["Private World of Darkness, A"] (2;42) 11 November 1960
"Eye of the Beholder"* (1;39) 30 April 2003
"Fair Warning"* (1;26) 8 January 2003
"Father and Son Game"+ (3;65) 15 April 1989
"Fear, The" (5;155) 29 May 1964
"Fever, The" (1;17) 29 January 1960
"Five Characters In Search of an Exit" (3;79) 22 December 1961
"Found and Lost"* (1;22) 27 November 2002
"Four O'Clock" (3;94) 6 April 1962
"Four of Us Are Dying, The" (1;13) 1 January 1960
"From Agnes-With Love" (5;140) 14 February 1964
"Fugitive, The" (3;90) 9 March 1962
"Future Trade"* (1;21) 27 November 2002
"Gabe's Story"* (1;23) 11 December 2002
"Game of Pool, A" (3;70) 13 October 1961
"Game of Pool, A" (3;55) ? 1989
"Gift, The" (3;97) 27 April 1962
"Girl I Married, The"+ (2;35b) 17 July 1987
"Grace Note"+ (1;23b) 4 April 1986
"Gramma"+ (1;18a) 14 February 1986
"Grave, The" (3;72) 27 October 1961
"Harsh Mistress"* (1;13) 30 October 2002
"Healer"+ (1;3a) 11 October 1985
"Hellgrammite Method, The"+ (3;42) 5 November 1988
"He's Alive" (4;106) 24 January 1963
"Her Pilgrim Soul"+ (1;12a) 13 December 1985
"Hitch-Hiker, The" (1;16) 22 January 1960
"Hocus Pocus and Frisby" (3;95) 13 April 1962
"Homecoming"* (1;42) 7 May 2003
"Howling Man, The" (2;41) 4 November 1960
"How Much Do You Love Your Kid?"* (1;34) 26 February 2003
"Hundred Yards Over the Rim, A" (2;59) 7 April 1961
"Hunt, The" (3;84) 26 January 1962
"Hunted"* (1;18) 13 November 2002
"Hunters, The"+ (3;39) 15 October 1988
"I Am the Night. . .Color Me Black" (5;146) 27 March 1964
"I Dream of Genie" (4;114) 21 March 1963
"If She Dies"+ (1;5a) 25 October 1985
"Incredible World of Horace Ford, The" (4;117) 18 April 1963
"In His Image" (4;103) 3 January 1963
"In Praise of Pip" (5;121) 27 September 1963
"Into the Light"* (1;29) 12 February 2003
"Invaders, The" (2;51) 27 January 1961
"I of Newton"+ (1;12b) 13 December 1985
"I Shot an Arrow Into the Air" (1;15) 15 January 1960
"I Sing the Body Electric" (3;100) 18 May 1962
"It's a Good Life" (3;73) 3 November 1961
"It's Still a Good Life"* (1;31) 19 February 2003
"Jeopardy Room, The" (5;149) 17 April 1964
"Jess-Belle" (4;109) 14 February 1963
"Joy Ride"+ (2;33a) 21 May 1987
"Judgment Night" (1;10) 4 December 1959
"Junction, The"+ (2;32b) 21 February 1987
"Jungle, The" (3;77) 1 December 1961
"Kentucky Rye"+ (1;3c) 11 October 1985
"Kick the Can" (3;86) 9 February 1962
"King Nine Will Not Return" (2;37) 30 September 1960
"Kind of Stopwatch, A" (5;124) 18 October 1963
"Last Defender of Camelot, The"+ (1;24b) 11 April 1986
"Last Flight, The" (1;18) 5 February 1960
"Last Lap, The"* (1;24) 11 December 2002
"Last Night of a Jockey, The" (5;125) 25 October 1963
"Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank, The" (3;88) 23 February 1962
"Lateness of the Hour, The" (2;44) 2 December 1960
"Leprechaun-Artist, The"+ (1;19a) 21 February 1986
"Library, The"+ (1;22c) 28 March 1986
"Lineman, The"* (1;11 & 12) 23 October 2002
"Little Boy Lost"+ (1;4a) 18 October 1985
"Little Girl Lost" (3;91) 16 March 1962
"Little Peace and Quiet, A"+ (1;1b) 27 September 1985
"Little People, The" (3;93) 30 March 1962
"Little People of Kellany Woods, The"+ (1;14b) 3 January 1986
"Living Doll" (5;126) 1 November 1962
"Lonely, The" (1;7) 13 November 1959
"Long Distance Call" (2;58) 31 March 1960
"Long Live Walter Jameson" (1;24) 18 March 1960
"Long Morrow, The" (5;135) 10 January 1964
"Lost and Found"+ (2;28b) 18 October 1986
"Love Is Blind"+ (3;62) 25 March 1989
"Man In the Bottle, The" (2;38) 7 October 1960
"Many, Many Monkeys"+ (3;61) 18 March 1989
"Masks, The" (5;145) 20 March 1964
"Matter of Minutes, A"+ (1;15c) 24 January 1986
"Memories"+ (3;41) 29 October 1988
"Memphis"* (1;33) 26 February 2003
"Message From Charity, A"+ (1;6b) 1 November 1985
"Midnight Sun, The" (3;75) 17 November 1961
"Mighty Casey, The" (1;35) 17 June 1960
"Mind and the Matter, The" (3;63) 12 May 1961
"Mind of Simon Foster, The"+ (3;57) 18 February 1989
"Miniature" (4;110) 21 February 1963
"Mirror, The" (3;71) 20 October 1961
"Mirror Image" (1;21) 26 February 1960
"Misfortune Cookie, The"+ (1;14c) 3 January 1986
"Monsters"+ (1;15a) 24 January 1986
"Monsters Are Due On Maple Street, The" (1;22) 4 March 1960
"Monsters Are Due on Maple Street, The"* (1;32) 19 Febuary 2003
"Most Unusual Camera, A" (2;46) 16 December 1960
"Mr. Bevis" (1;33) 3 June 1960
"Mr. Denton on Doomsday" (1;3) 16 October 1959
"Mr. Dingle, the Strong" (2;55) 3 March 1961
"Mr. Garrity and the Graves" (5;152) 8 May 1964
"Mr. Motivation"* (1;19) 20 November 2002
Mute" (4;107) 21 January 1963
"Need to Know"+ (1;21a) 21 March 1986
"Nervous Man In a Four Dollar Room" (2;39) 14 October 1960
"New Exhibit, The" (4;115) 4 April 1963
"Nice Place to Visit, A" (1;28) 15 April 1960
"Nick of Time" (2;43) 18 November 1960
"Night Call" (5;139) 7 February 1964
"Nightcrawlers"+ (1;4c) 18 October 1985
"Nightmare As a Child" (1;29) 29 April 1960
"Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" (5;123) 11 October 1963
"Night of the Meek"(2;47) 23 December 1960
"Night of the Meek"+ (1;13a) 20 December 1985
"Night Route, The"* (1;6) 2 October 2002
"Nightsong"+ (2;27b) 11 October 1986
"Ninety Years Without Slumbering" (5;132) 20 December 1963
"Nothing In the Dark" (3;81) 5 January 1962
"No Time Like the Past" (4;112) 7 March 1963
"Number Twelve Looks Just Like You" (5;137) 24 January 1964
"Obsolete Man, The" (2;65) 2 June 1961
"Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge, An" (5;142) 28 February 1964
"Odyssey of Flight 33, The" (2;54) 24 February 1961
"Of Late I Think Of Cliffordville" (4;116) 11 April 1963
"Old Man In the Cave, The" (5;127) 8 November 1963
"Once and Future King, The"+ (2;25a) 27 September 1986
"Once Upon a Time" (3;78) 15 December 1961
"One For the Angels" (1;2) 9 October 1959
"One Life, Furnished In Early Poverty"+ (1;11b) 6 December 1985
"One More Pallbearer" (3;82) 12 January 1962
"One Night At Mercy"* (1;2) 18 September 2002
"On Thursday We Leave For Home" (4;118) 2 May 1963
"Opening Day"+ (1;10c) 29 November 1985
"Our Selena Is Dying"+ (3;43) 12 November 1988
"Paladin of the Lost Hour"+ (1;7b) 8 November 1985
"Parallel, The" (4;113) 14 March 1963
"Passage For Trumpet, A" (1;32) 20 May 1960
"Passage On the Lady Anne" (4;119) 9 May 1963
"Passersby, The" (3;69) 6 October 1961
"Path, The"* (1;25) 8 January 2003
"Penny For Your Thoughts, A" (2;52) 3 February 1961
"People Are Alike All Over" (1;25) 25 March 1960
"Perchance to Dream" (1;9) 27 November 1959
"Personal Demons"+ (1;18b) 14 February 1986
"Person Or Persons Unknown" (3;92) 23 March 1962
"Pharoah's Curse"* (1;37) 23 April 2003
"Piano In the House, A" (3;87) 16 February 1962
"Placebo Effect"* (1;35) 2 April 2003
"Pool Guy, The"* (1;9) 16 October 2002
"Prime Mover, The" (2;57) 24 March 1961
"Printer's Devil" (4;111) 28 February 1963
"Private Channel"+ (2;33c) 21 May 1987
"Probe 7, Over and Out" (5;129) 29 November 1963
"Profile In Silver"+ (1;20a) 7 March 1986
"Purple Testament, The" (1;19) 12 February 1960
"Quality of Mercy, A" (3;80) 29 December 1961
"Quarantine"+ (1;17b) 7 February 1986
"Queen Of the Nile" (5;143) 6 March 1964
"Red Snow"+ (1;21b) 21 March 1986
"Rendezvous In a Dark Place"+ (3;60) 12 March 1989
"Rewind"* (1;28) 5 February 2003
"Ring-A-Ding Girl" (5;133) 27 December 1963
"Rip Van Winkle Caper, The" (2;60) 21 April 1961
"Road Less Trevelled, The"+ (2;31) 18 December 1986
"Room 2426"+ (3;56) 11 February 1989
"Sanctuary"* (1;20) 20 November 2002
"Saucer of Loneliness, A"+ (2;25b) 27 September 1986
"Self Improvement of Salvadore Ross, The" (5;136) 17 January 1964
"Sensuous Cindy"* (1;17) 13 November 2002
"7th Is Made Up of Phantoms, The" (5;130) 6 December 1963
"Shades Of Guilt"* (1;3) 25 September 2002
"Shadow Man"+ (1;10a) 29 November 1985
"Shadow Play" (2;62) 5 May 1961
"Shadow Play"+ (1;23a) 4 April 1986
"Shatterday"+ (1;1a) 27 September 1985
"Shelter, The" (3;68) 29 September 1961
"Shelter Skelter"+ (2;33b) 21 May 1987
"Short Drink From a Certain Fountain, A" (5;131) 13 December 1963
"Showdown With Rance McGrew" (3;85) 2 February 1962
"Silence, The" (2;61) 28 April 1961
"Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine, The" (1;4) 23 October 1959
"Small Talent For War"+(1;15b) 24 January 1986
"Something In the Walls"+ (3;54) 28 January 1989
"Song Of the Younger World"+ (2;35a) 17 July 1987
"Sounds and Silences" (5;147) 3 April 1964
"Special Service"+ (3;64) 8 April 1989
"Spur Of the Moment" (5;141) 21 February 1964
"Star, The"+ (1;13c) 20 December 1985
"Static" (2;56) 10 March 1961
"Steel" (5;122) 4 October 1963
"Still Life"+ (1;14a) 2 January 1986
"Still Valley" (3;76) 24 November 1961
"Stop At Willoughby, A" (1;30) 6 May 1960
"Stopover In a Quiet Town" (5;150) 24 April 1964
"Storyteller, The"+ (2;27a) 11 October 1986
"Stranger In Possum Meadow"+ (3;52) 14 January 1989
"Street Of Shadows"+ (3;53) 21 January 1989
"Sunrise"* (1;43) 21 May 2003
"Tagged"* (1;30) 12 February 2003
"Take My Life. . .Please!"+ (1;22a) 28 March 1986
"Teacher's Aid"+ (1;7a) 8 November 1985
"There Was An Old Woman"+ (3;48) 17 December 1988
"Thing About Machines, A" (2;40) 28 October 1960
"Third From the Sun" (1;14) 8 January 1960
"Thirty-Fathom Grave, The" (4;104) 10 January 1963
"Time and Teresea Golowitz"+ (2;34a) 10 July 1987
"Time Element, The"^ 24 November 1958
"Time Enought At Last" (1;8) 20 November 1959
"Time Lapse"* (1;7) 9 October 2002
"Tooth Or Consequences"+ (1;16c) 31 January 1986
"To Protect and Serve"* (1;15) 6 November 2002
"To See the Invisible Man"+ (1;16b) 31 January 1986
"To Serve Man" (3;89) 2 March 1962
"Toys Of Caliban, The"+ (2;29) 4 December 1986
"Trade-Ins, The" (3;96) 20 April 1962
"Trance, The"+ (3;45) 26 November 1988
"Trouble With Templeton, The" (2;45) 9 December 1960
"Trunk, The"+ (3;49) 24 December 1988
"20/20 Vision"+ (3;47) 10 December 1988
"Twenty-Two" (2;53) 10 February 1961
"Two" (3;66) 15 September 1961
"Uncle Devil Show, The"+ (1;10b) 29 November 1985
"Uncle Simon" (5;128) 15 November 1963
"Upgrade"* (1;14) 30 October 2002
"Valley Of the Shadow" (4;105) 17 January 1963
"Voices In the Earth"+ (2;34b) 10 July 1987
"Walking Distance" (1;5) 30 October 1959
"Wall, The"+ (3;58) 25 February 1989
"Welcome to Winfield"+ (1;17a) 7 February 1986
"What Are Friends For?"+ (2;26a) 4 October 1986
"What's In the Box?" (5;144) 13 March 1964
"What You Need" (1;12) 25 December 1959
"Where Is Everybody?" (1;1) 2 October 1959
"Whole Truth, The" (2;50) 20 January 1961
"Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?" (2;64) 26 May 1961
"Wish Bank"+ (1;4b) 18 October 1985
"Wong's Lost and Found Emporium"+ (1;9b) 22 November 1985
"Word Play"+ (1;2a) 4 October 1985
"World Next Door, The"+ (2;28c) 18 October 1986
"World Of Difference, A" (1;23) 11 March 1960
"World Of His Own, A" (1;36) 1 July 1960
"Ye Gods"+ (1;5b) 25 October 1985
"You Drive" (5;134) 3 January 1964
"Young Man's Fancy" (3;99) 11 May 1962

Source Stories Checklist (in order of original broadcast)

Note: Prose adaptations of teleplays are listed at the end of initial list. This list is limited to stories which have seen publication, either before adaptation or afterwards. Stories which have never been published are not included in this list. Stories whose publication could not be verified have not been included.

The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)

Season 1:
"Time Enough at Last" by Lyn Venable
"Perchance to Dream" by Charles Beaumont
"Disappearing Act" by Richard Matheson (filmed as "And When the Sky Was Opened")
"What You Need" by Henry Kuttner & C.L. Moore (as by Lewis Padgett)
"All of Us Are Dying" by George Clayton Johnson (unpublished at time of filming; filmed as "The             Four of Us are Dying")
"Third from the Sun" by Richard Matheson
"The Hitch-Hiker" by Lucille Fletcher (a radio play; unpublished at time of filming)
"Elegy" by Charles Beaumont
"Brothers Beyond the Void" by Paul W. Fairman (filmed as "People are Alike All Over")
"Execution" by George Clayton Johnson (unpublished at time of filming)
"The Chaser" by John Collier

Season 2:
"The Howling Man" by Charles Beaumont
"The Prime Mover" by George Clayton Johnson (unpublished at time of filming)
"Traumerei" by Charles Beaumont (uncredited source for "Shadow Play")

Season 3:
"It's a Good Life" by Jerome Bixby
"The Valley Was Still" by Manly Wade Wellman (filmed as "Still Valley")
"The Jungle" by Charles Beaumont
"To Serve Man" by Damon Knight
"Little Girl Lost" by Richard Matheson
"Four O'clock" by Price Day

Season 4:
"The Man Who Made Himself" ("In His Image") by Charles Beaumont (filmed as "In His Image")
"Mute" by Richard Matheson
"Death Ship" by Richard Matheson
"The Devil, You Say?" by Charles Beaumont (filmed as "Printer's Devil")
"Blind Alley" by Malcolm Jameson (filmed as "Of Late I Think of Cliffordville")
"Song for a Lady" by Charles Beaumont (filmed as "Passage on the Lady Anne")

Season 5:
"Steel" by Richard Matheson
"Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" by Richard Matheson
"The Old Man" by Henry Slesar (filmed as "The Old Man in the Cave")
"The Self-Improvement of Salvadore Ross" by Henry Slesar
"The Beautiful People" by Charles Beaumont (filmed as "Number Twelve Looks Just Like You")
"Long Distance Call" by Richard Matheson (filmed as "Night Call")
"An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" by Ambrose Bierce

The Twilight Zone (1985-1989)

Season 1:
"Shatterday" by Harlan Ellison
"Nightcrawlers" by Robert McCammon
"Examination Day" by Henry Slesar
"A Message from Charity" by William M. Lee
"Paladin of the Lost Hour" by Harlan Ellison
"The Burning Man" by Ray Bradbury
"Wong's Lost and Found Emporium" by William F. Wu
"One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty" by Harlan Ellison
"I of Newton" by Joe Haldeman
"The Star" by Arthur C. Clarke
"The Misfortune Cookie" by Charles E. Fritch
"Yesterday Was Monday" by Theodore Sturgeon (filmed as "A Matter of Minutes")
"To See the Invisible Man" by Robert Silverberg
"Gramma" by Stephen King
"Dead Run" by Greg Bear
"Button, Button" by Richard Matheson
"The Everlasting Club" by Arthur Gray (filmed as "Devil's Alphabet")
"Traumerei" by Charles Beaumont (uncredited source for "Shadow Play" remake)
"The Last Defender of Camelot" by Roger Zelazny

Season 2:
"A Saucer of Loneliness" by Theodore Sturgeon
"Lost and Found" by Phyllis Eisenstein
"The Toys of Caliban" by Terry Matz (unpublished at time of filming)
"Influencing the Hell Out of Time and Teresa Golowitz" by Parke Godwin (filmed as "Time and    Teresa Golowitz")

Season 3:
"The Cold Equations" by Tom Godwin
"Crazy as a Soup Sandwich" by Harlan Ellison

The Twilight Zone (2002)

"It's a Good Life" by Jerome Bixby (inspiration for "It's Still a Good Life')

Rod Serling's Night Gallery

"Eyes" by Rod Serling
"The Escape Route" by Rod Serling

Season 1:
"The Dead Man" by Fritz Leiber
"Room With a View" by Hal Dresner
"The Little Black Bag" by C.M. Kornbluth
"The House" by André Maurois
"The Shadows on the Wall" by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman (filmed as "Certain Shadows on the        Wall")
"The Doll" by Algernon Blackwood
"The Horsehair Trunk" by Davis Grubb (filmed as "The Last Laurel")

Season 2:
"The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes" by Margaret St. Clair
"The Other Hand" by George Langelaan (filmed as "The Hand of Borgus Weems")
"A Death in the Family" by Miriam Allen de Ford
"The Witch" by A.E. Van Vogt (filmed as "Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay")
"The Spider" by Elizabeth Walter (filmed as "A Fear of Spiders")
"Marmalade Wine" by Joan Aiken
"The Academy" by David Ely
"The Phantom Farmhouse" by Seabury Quinn
"Silent Snow, Secret Snow" by Conrad Aiken
"A Question of Fear" by Bryan Lewis
"The Devil is Not Mocked" by Manly Wade Wellman
"Brenda" by Margaret St. Clair
"Big Surprise" by Richard Matheson
"House-With Ghost" by August Derleth
"Hell's Bells" by Harry Turner
"The Dark Boy" by August Derleth
"Pickman's Model" by H.P. Lovecraft
"The Dear Departed" by Alice-Mary Schnirring
"Cool Air" by H.P. Lovecraft
"Camera Obscura" by Basil Copper
"The Painted Mirror" by Donald Wandrei
"Tell David. . . " by Penelope Wallace
"Logoda's Heads" by August Derleth
"Green Fingers" by R.C. Cook
"The Funeral" by Richard Matheson
"The Tune in Dan's Café" by Shamus Frazer
"The Flat Male" by Frank Sisk (filmed as "The Late Mr. Peddington")
"The Fur Brooch" by Dulcie Gray (filmed as "A Feast of Blood")
"Sorworth Place" by Russell Kirk (filmed as "The Ghost of Sorworth Place")
"Out of the Eons" by Hazel Heald (filmed as "Last Rites for a Dead Druid")
"Out of the Country" by Jeffry Scott
"I'll Never Leave You-Ever" by Rene Morris
"Stop Killing Me" by Hal Dresner
"By One, by Two and by Three" by Stephen Hall (filmed as "There Aren't Any More MacBanes")
"The Sins of the Fathers" by Christianna Brand
"Boomerang" by Oscar Cook (filmed as "the Caterpillar")
"Little Girl Lost" by E.C. Tubb
"Year-End Clearance" by Mary Linn Roby (filmed as "Die Now, Pay Later")

Season 3:
"The Return of the Sorcerer" by Clark Ashton Smith
"The Girl With the Hungry Eyes" by Fritz Leiber
"The Secret of the Vault" by J. Wesley Rosenquest (filmed as "You Can Come Up Now, Mrs.         Millikan")
"She'll Be Company for You" by Andrea Newman
"The Ring With the Velvet Ropes" by Edward D. Hoch (filmed as "The Ring With the Red Velvet   Ropes")
"Housebound" by R. Chetywynd-Hayes (filmed as "Something in the Woodwork")
"The Canal" by Everil Worrill (filmed as "Death on a Barge")
"Whisper" by Martin Waddell
"The Doll of Death" by Vivian Meik

Prose Adaptations of Teleplays:

Rod Serling:
            "The Mighty Casey"
            "Escape Clause"
            "Walking Distance"
            "The Fever"
            "Where is Everybody?"
            "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street"
            "The Lonely"
            "Mr. Dingle, the Strong"
            "A Thing About Machines"
            "The Big, Tall Wish"
            "A Stop at Willoughby"
            "The Odyssey of Flight 33"
            "The Whole Truth"
            "The Shelter"
            "Showdown with Rance McGrew"
            "The Night of the Meek"
            "The Midnight Sun"
            "The Rip Van Winkle Caper"
            "Sole Survivor"
            "Make Me Laugh"
            "Pamela's Voice"
            "Does the Name Grimsby Do Anything to You?"
            "Clean Kills and Other Trophies"
            "They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar"
            "Collector's Items"
            "The Messiah on Mott Street"
            "The Different Ones"
            "Lindemann's Catch"
Anne Serling (as by Anne Serling-Sutton):
            "One for the Angels"
            "The Changing of the Guard"
Ray Bradbury:
            "I Sing the Body Electric" (first published as "The Beautiful One is Here")

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